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Are working yourself silly, working job to job, and it's still barely enough? Are your expenses killing you, wondering how some businesses seem to take off, and make their owners very wealthy, while other good people with great work ethics bomb horribly? It's not that complicated.Successful Contractor, contractor book, contractor ebook, construction book, project management book, bidding construciton jobs, advertising for constuction jobs

What if you knew someone who could tell you how to make your business into a cash generating machine, where to advertise cheap, how to effectively market your business for major profits, for great paying jobs, and how to do it in real life, not some dumb college textbook garbage written about "business"?

This book is written exclusively for the working contractor who wants to make their business work for them, it's in plain English without useless pages of filler junk just to make it appear credible. The advice is real, from real life experience, and is clear and concise, and explains what to do day-to-day specifically without draining your bank account doing it.


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And for serious profit, in any market.

If you have wondered how to drive in an enormous volume of qualified leads, how to find good guys to work for you, to become a player in your market, how to make your business build your future without sucking the life out of you in the process, this guide will show you how, and you can put many of the concepts to work TODAY, RIGHT NOW.

Great Tips on How To: Eliminate Risks, how to get great crews and keep 'em happy cheap. Save a fortune in trial and error, and in useless mistakes.




Learn how to:

How to keep Construction Leads leads flowing in all the time.

Really simple inexpensive ways to build YOUR Construction brand.

Get so far out in front of your competition, they won't stand a chance!


Use the Internet for even more profit.

Get Professional looking Logo's, Documents & Marketing - CHEAP

Maximize each Contracting Sale.

Close more Profitable Construction Deals, Right Away...

Increase Your Closing Ratio, Easily.

Avoid Major Mistakes that have Destroyed Others.

Overhaul Your Contracts & Protect Yourself.

Price & Estimate for Long-Term Success.

Get Your Higher Contract Price...Eliminating Client Objections - FAST


Would you be interested in someone showing you how to:

Get a 100 or more corporate professional logo choices made specifically for you for less then a couple hundred bucks? (Businesses spend 1000's for this).


How to make your image the top of your market for almost nothing?


As a contractor what do you do with your web presence. Think you know? Find out what your biggest competition knows, and how to beat them. We will tell you how to blow your website UP! And, of course, cheaply!


How to find equipment, gear, and crews and keep money IN your pocket.

How to get your construction business running full-time, like a machine, that churns out cash. (It's not the impossible dream).


Answers to tough questions, without the mistakes, like these:

Should I get big Yellow Page Ad?

What is the most cost effective way to advertise my size and style of business?

Should I do mailers, radio, TV, what works, how and when, and how much?

How should I be presenting and writing up my contracting quotes?


How do I do the jobs, the sales, the business of the construction business without being on-call 24/7? If you are interested in making your business into a million dollar enterprise that brings in serious money, then this book is for you. If you are sick of scraping from job to job, working constantly, looking at jobs the rest of the time and having no time left for your family, or fun; then you need this guide, NOW! If you are tired of making costly mistakes, and having to dig your way out of them with wasted time, and wasted work, you need this contracting guide.

Too many contractors are feeling their way through the business blindly, working feverishly, and often futily just to make it from week to week, and finding that are no further ahead for their efforts than they were the month before. This cycle continues for years for some people, or they finally fail altogether and in financial turmoil. Get off the roller coaster of the job to job race,hoping for enough extra cash, and a couple free minutes for yourself and your family.

Start living your life, and let your business propel you to the dreams you had envisioned when you got into the construction business; vacations, financial freedom, more time for family, friends, relationships. It's time to start building your future and stop battling from day-to-day. If you are ready to get off the treadmill and start building your future, building the value of your contracting business for the future, and ready to start enjoying the fruits of your labor, then you NEED this book.

You can put many of the ideas to work immediately. The book is loaded with proven methods for saving you money, and driving in cash, immediately. Any growing construction business could save thousands, even tens of thousands very quickly using dozens of proven techniques found in this book from, marketing, identity, branding, quoting, sales, hiring crews, and dealing with customers. Many of these methods have been developed by major contractors over a period of decades, and through a great deal of costly trial and error.



What are our readers saying? See for yourself...

"The price of this book could be paid for dozens of times over by so many techniques found in this book, it is without the doubt THE BEST INVESTMENT I HAVE EVER MADE INTO MY BUSINESS" , Mike G. General Contractor - Michigan.

"If I could recommend only one book to read to a contractor friend, and I've read many, THIS WOULD BE THE ONLY ONE THAT EVEN COMES ON THE RADAR. Nothing else comes close. Other books talk about the same junk, and none of them give practical, day-to-day operational advice that WORKS just as expected. It is truly a remarkable thing.", Jack W. Major Market Roofing Contractor - Pennsylvania.

"Sick of looking at useless pages of business jargon? This book will quickly become your best friend. THE MONEY IT BROUGHT IN AND SAVED ME IMMEDIATELY WAS UNREAL. The straight forward, exactly what to do approach has had an immeasurably positive effect on my business, right from the day I received it. PLEASE DON"T TELL MY COMPETITION ABOUT IT!", Tony D. - Concrete Contractor - Texas.

"I started reading this book the minute I received it, and I stopped only to use the techniques and to work, and I can't believe how many assets, and tools, and brilliant ideas are in there. I'VE NOT ONLY MADE 1,000'S MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, I'M SPENDING SO MUCH LESS, it really is a great thing. The way I used to do business is gone for good. The Millionaire Contractor is the best investment I have ever made into my business, my family, and my future. I have not vacationed in almost 9 yrs, but this year I vacationed 4 times, I LOVE MY LIFE AGAIN!", Darrel M. - Home Improvement Contractor - Mississippi.




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