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The Millionaire Contractor Book is a great book, full of outstanding advice and tips, but that's just the beginning. You can also get your construction forms here too, with one stop. Modern stylish construction forms that are fully customizable and available here at a BIG savings if you buy them with the book. It's a great deal.

The book can not only show you ways to make and save more money now, but the forms package can save you hundreds if not thousands in the development of your own customizable forms. Attorneys can charge hundreds of dollars an hour to create forms for your business, and the cost oftentimes doesn't stop there. Why not create your own forms from our well written forms catalog, and then have your attorney review them for your specific purpose, and save BIG!

The are over 350 Forms in our forms catalog, which you see below in the picture gallery. From New Home Construction Contracts, to Remodeling Contracts, Change Orders, Business Agreements, Employment, Collection Letters, Real Estate Contracts, Leases, Purchase & Lease Options, Promissory Notes, Power-of-Attorney, Health Care, Corporate Formalities, Partnership Agreements, Corporate Bylaws, Media & Advertising Agreements, Employment Offers, Termination Letters, Consumer Finance, Trusts, and hundreds MORE

Why spend hundreds of hours creating documents or being trapped at your desk for hours at the last minute each time you need a special document, forget that. Now you can have hundreds of ready made documents on-demand anytime you need them

There no subscription to renew, and no red tape attached. Our forms are fully customizable, printable, and will NEVER expire.

Our forms come in one handy compressed file, that is itemized by form category, in convenient Microsoft Word & Excel formats. Try going to a big box office supply store and start loading your cart full of their forms, and with just a few forms you will exceed the price our our customizable forms that will never run out. Plus, big box stores will never carry the vast array of forms that we have available here. And, our forms are designed to not only be functional, but to also be stylish and to set you apart from the contracting pack, no generic boiler plate contracts here.

Find out how quickly and how much easier it can be to justify a more profitable job with higher quality forms and quote documents. Customers respond to professionalism, and a great professional image is a major selling feature that can easily return its investment in LESS then one job! Upgrading your entire contract and forms library is a no brainer.


Measuring the COST of Construction Forms:

Attorneys can charge HUNDREDS for ONE form! Big box box stores sell the same old-style forms to everyone. Why overspend, or look like just another dog in the pack when you can look like a million bucks?



Stylish and Modern Construction Forms will set you apart from the pack, which can be essential in landing high quality jobs & leads,

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The BOOK will show you how to:

Use the Internet for even more profit.

Get Professional looking Logo's, Documents & Marketing - CHEAP!

Maximize each Contracting Sale.

Close more Profitable Construction Deals, Right Away...

Increase Your Closing Ratio, Easily.

Avoid Major Mistakes that have Destroyed Others.

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Price & Estimate for Long-Term Success.

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=> CONTRACTS and FORMS help with the rest! <=

Professional Appearance & Well Written Documents...Is it really necessary?

Let's face it, as Contractors we spend thousands on materials, hundreds on job signs, vehicle signs, and other advertising, but are often at a loss as to how to handle the professionalism of the Contracts and Forms. Get it right, once and for all...We did the dirty work on this one, so you don't have to!

Also, in the book we show you how to get 100 or more corporate professional logo choices made specifically for you for less than a couple hundred bucks (Businesses often spend 1000's for this). It's no gimmick, and no we're not selling it, but it's a great tip, worth the price of the book alone. We will show you how to make your image the top of your market for almost nothing. We have thought this thing through full circle and made it simple for you from start to finish. Getting a National level Pro image is within your reach. We will show you how, and we've got the paperwork to go right along with it - Of course!

350+ Contracts & Forms for Construction Companies

Save BIG on the BOOK & the Forms when you buy them together

That's as low as 15 cents a form!

Plus, they NEVER run out or expire

Fully Customizable Contractor & Construction Contracts & Forms

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If you have often wondered how much easier your life would be without endless amounts of paperwork? Wonder no more...We made it simple, and took the exhausting and time consuming work away from getting the job done, easy.Construction Book, Project Management Book, Constuction Paperwork, Construction Documents, Construction Contracts, Customizable Constuction Contracts, Contractor Paperwork, Advertising for COntractors, Advertising for Construction Companies



Spend time making money and less time wasting away chugging through paperwork and looking for that next form.

Get all of your forms here, organized neatly in one folder, sorted by category, and fully customizable & printable!

Plus, there is no subscription to refill, and our forms never expire. It may be the last forms pack you may ever need, and for as low as 15 cents each!

Buy the BOOK & the Construction Contracts & Forms together and SAVE!!



Get The Millionaire Contractor, RIGHT NOW, delivered ELECTRONICALLY!

But why stop there? You can also get over 350 useful forms and stylish, modern Construction Contracts here too!



Buy Forms with the Book and SAVE.

Forms Packages:

  • The Millionaire Contractor Book | $24.95
  • Add to CartConstruction Forms Starter-Pack #1 | $14.95
  • Add to CartForms Pack #1 & the BOOK | $34.95 - SAVE $4.95

Forms Pack #1, New & Remodel Construction Contract, Sub-Contractor Agreement, Change Order.

  • Add to CartConstruction Forms Pack #2 | $24.95
  • Add to CartForms Pack #2 & the BOOK | $42.95 - SAVE $6.95

Forms #2, Pack- #1, PLUS - 120+ Forms, 60+ Business Agreements, 20+ Real Estate Forms, 40+ Banking & Collection Forms/Letters, over 120+ Forms Total.

  • Add to CartConstruction Forms Pack # 3 | $49.95
  • Add to CartForms Pack #3 & the BOOK | $64.95 - SAVE $9.95

Forms Pack #3, Forms Packs 1 & 2, PLUS - 200+ Forms, 30+ Corporate Formalities Documents, 50+ Real Estate

orms, Landlord-Tenant, Deeds, Promissory Note, Articles of Organization for LLC. Over 200+ Forms Total.

  • Add to CartConstruction Forms Deluxe, All Packs+ | $89.95Add to CartDeluxe Forms & the BOOK | $99.95 - SAVE $14.95

Deluxe Forms Pack, Forms Packs 1,2,3, PLUS - Over 350+ Forms, Human Resources, Health Care, Banking&Finance, Partnerships, Talent Releases, Advertising Agreements, Loans, Trusts, Power-of-Attorney, MUCH more. This could be the last forms bundle you'll ever need and they are all customizable for your particular purpose. Over 350+ Forms Total.

Some companies sell these kinds of bundles with contractor forms included for over $150 or more. Our forms are very well done, modern and stylish, well written and for a fraction of the cost. Plus, they are in easy to edit and print in Microsoft Word & Excel.


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